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Most new customers require a physio assessment before being able to book a session with us. An assessment is a necessary step to ensure that you make the most of your time at the pool.


Assessments cost £10 and take roughly 1 hour (including your changing time). Please bring swimwear and a towel, along with indoor footwear for the changing rooms such as flipflops or sandals.


The assessment will consist of a brief consultation on dry land before going into the pool with the physiotherapist. This process allows the physiotherapist to tailor an exercise programme to maximise the benefits of the pool.


Following the assessment, we will discuss our timetable and book any following sessions, these cost £8 with some reduced price sessions of £5.

If you want to organise an assessment, please get in touch with us. We ask that you complete our 'Get Started' form to get you to the pool as soon as we can. Our pool staff will respond with any other information needed and a suggestion for a date and time.

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