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Laing Family Visit

It was a pleasure to welcome Malcolm Laing's family to the pool for a visit this Saturday. Malcolm had not long been on the board but is sorely missed.

Treasurer Margaret was ably assisted by Stephen Clyde in giving a demonstration on how the pool-side hoist works (although no feet got wet in the process!). Malcolm's wife Susan then hopped on for a view over the water, before the family were given a tour around the rest of the premises by Stephen and some of the board. Susan was accompanied by two of her sons Gavin and David, daughter-in-law Katie and grandchildren.

We were so grateful to receive a donation of £1,537.90 raised at Malcolm's funeral and a further £500 from Malcolm's friend George Mackenzie. These funds are a welcome contribution to the running of the pool.

Thank you to the Laings for coming along, we are proud to have had Malcolm be part of the team.

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